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Our Story

Zajac Farms is a small-scale, diversified Vegetable Farm located in Bend, OR.  Our products are grown using organic principles with a focus on soil health and the agroecosystem.   


Tyler Zajac grew up in Pennsylvania where he began his passion for growing crops and raising animals.  He gained a bachelors degree in Agroecology from Penn State University which led to a variety of jobs in the green industry.  He transferred to the Pacific Northwest working in the tree care industry and fell in love with the great outdoors and exciting new climate to cultivate in.  Tyler, his wife Ashley, and three children, Brooklynn, Sawyer and Hazel claimed Bend, Oregon as home and began their farming journey. 

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About Our Farm

The farm is located on leased land in Bend, Oregon, just on the North end of town. The farm was started from a blank slate in 2018.  The ground was converted from pasture into a permanent raised bed system.  The initial conversion of the land utilized tillage, however a minimum tillage approach has been taken to improve the soil and plant health. We do not use any synthetic fertilizers or pesticides and adhere to above organic standards.  Due to the small scale, all of the work is done by hand. We continue to grow and expand each season with a focus on crop quality and feeding the wonderful community of Central Oregon.


At Zajac Farms we feel incredibly lucky that we get to do what we love. 


Where To Find Our Produce

You can find our produce seasonally throughout Bend from these wonderful partners:

Area Restaurants 

Agricultural Connections

Central Oregon Locavore

NWX Farmers Market

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